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Our Team

Margaret Hagan - Law Dojo
Margaret Hagan is a lawyer who came up with the idea for Law Dojo back when she was a law student at Stanford. She built the first live version during her third year of law school, as a one-woman operation. Now, that rough-and-ready first version of the app is getting cleaned up and lots of new features, and the team has grown to make that happen.

For the app’s big redesign — being rolled out in Summer 2016, Kursat Ozenc joined the team as lead designer and Metin Eskili as lead developer.

Come see all their hard work with the Android app on Google Play and the iOS app on the Apple App Store!

The Backstory

Margaret started out drawing out all her law school notes into comic flowcharts and cartoon illustrations — and then in the summer of her 2L year, she started coding little law quizzes for herself, to study for her classes better.

After she published a few law school-specific quizzes, Margaret started building law games for all the non-law students in the world who also find law fascinating, bizarre & empowering.  No matter how text-heavy, jargony & cold law can be, there are surprising numbers of secret Law Aficionados out there — who like a good logic challenge & want to build their legal muscles.

The philosophy of Law Dojo starts from there:

Law can be fun. Everyone can build legal muscles.  This will be great.

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