Battery vs. Assault legal cartoon for #1Ls in Torts

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A bit of a violent law cartoon for today’s 1L legal visual post: this one about the difference between battery and assault, at least according to Tort law. I made this one while studying for the Bar, laying out the different intents and requirements to get one type of claim versus the other.

Child Custody visual legal map

MargaretDrawn Laws, Visual Legal Flowcharts

Family law and child custody may not be the most popular thing to study in Law School, but it’s a hugely concerning and possibly destructive area of the legal system for a lot of people. This image shows a prototype of a visual booklet that lays out a flowchart schematic of how the custody process works.

CivPro #BarExam visual: how can I get jurisdiction over a person?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Enjoy this Civil Procedure flowchart as you study up for the Bar Exam (or for your first year law school exam)! Figure out exactly whether and how you can get someone into court to hold them liable for a legal claim, according to the rules of civil procedure. And if you want to remember even more Civil Procedure knowledge for … Read More

Civ Pro #BarExam visual: what is Res Judicata again?

MargaretDrawn Laws

All the dreaded Latin that you have to remember for the Bar Exam (and for your Civil Procedure class) is a little bit easier when there are cartoons attached. Today’s Bar Exam visual is all about Res Judicata, about when a case is settled or when more claims can be raised to keep it alive. Remember these three main factors … Read More