Educational Law Game for privacy: Anti-Phishing Phil

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Steve Sheng & others at Carnegie Mellon published a paper back in 2007 describing their work to design an educational game, Anti-Phishing Phil.  It sums up some basic principles of how to put together a game that will teach its players some values, principles, and content. Reflection principle. Reflection is the process by which learners are made to stop and … Read More

Federal Income Tax Dojo

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For the tax code lovers among us — a great quiz to test your knowledge of tax codes, laws, and cases! Law School Dojo Fed. Income Tax is a multiple choice quiz on all the doctrine, cases, strategies and terms you need to know to get through your law school income tax class. Over 350 questions to build + test … Read More

International Law study game

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An International Law Quiz, ooh la la! Learn all the international law you would in a law school class — the major ICJ cases, the set up of the UN, the theories on international legalization, and the American doctrine on how international law works with the US legal system — plus more. With over 300 questions, this is the perfect … Read More