Starting your legal tech startup: riding the Hype wave

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When you are working on your startup, like we are with Law Dojo, how do you attract people, get a buildup of attention, and launch a guerrilla marketing campaign that actually works? The concept of hype holds some promise! I drew out these insights while listening to a lecture on game design at Stanford.

User-centered design to create new law games

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I attended a Stanford workshop, sponsored by GameDesk, on creating new kinds of games. First we learned how young people today learn, absorb information, and use games to do so. Then we workshopped and brainstormed what kinds of new games we could create to teach young people complex information, like law and civics.   

Presidential head concept design

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One of the possible new quizzes we’re thinking of building is a more civics-oriented quiz, about US history & the development of its legal system. From one of our brainstorming session, we had the idea of a presidential head character as one of the design elements. Here is the sketch!

New Game Interfaces

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I am playing around with some beautiful new color & sharp interfaces, to go along with my cartoon characters. Here are some glimpses. I love the mix of clean & bright with hand-drawn characters!

Citizen U

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  We have been working on making a US citizenship quiz game, to help people master the key questions on US history and beyond. Coming soon to Law Dojo!  

Notes on User Testing

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As I test more of my apps (and become less embarrassed and flustered while getting over my natural awkwardness), I am trying to be more systematic about gathering feedback.  I wrote up some notes on how to show an app and get good responses about a game app: Things to remember – Let the user start at the home screen, … Read More

Good Ed game design: focus on the user experience

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Designing a good game

How do you create the most effective educational game? Here are a few sketched out points, from a Stanford ed tech conference that I attended in 2013. Hint: it’s all about the experience. Don’t be too imposing. Support people to be smart and wise.

Educational Law Game for privacy: Anti-Phishing Phil

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Steve Sheng & others at Carnegie Mellon published a paper back in 2007 describing their work to design an educational game, Anti-Phishing Phil.  It sums up some basic principles of how to put together a game that will teach its players some values, principles, and content. Reflection principle. Reflection is the process by which learners are made to stop and … Read More

Updated Law School Dojo!

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I have finally gotten around to making lots of little Interface changes to my basic Law Dojo app. I spent the past two weeks showing the app to anyone who would let me — and I heard back a few pieces of user wisdom: – de-complicate the instructions, users will have game instincts, and don’t need a lot of instructions … Read More