Law School of Cats

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Law School of Cats

Okay, this one is not anything that is going to teach you legal knowledge. But! It is one of my 1L side-of-the-notebook sketches that I then superimposed on my *actual* law school classroom. Reimagining all my civ pro classmates as cats hard at work in the trudge of a law class. In honor of all the upcoming 1L classes that … Read More

Civ Pro #BarExam visual: what is Res Judicata again?

MargaretDrawn Laws

All the dreaded Latin that you have to remember for the Bar Exam (and for your Civil Procedure class) is a little bit easier when there are cartoons attached. Today’s Bar Exam visual is all about Res Judicata, about when a case is settled or when more claims can be raised to keep it alive. Remember these three main factors … Read More

Law School Dojo Civ Pro

MargaretNow Available

A law school quiz app for learning Civil Procedure! Over 300 questions to learn doctrine, cases, rules, and vocabulary for civpro power. Get points for how quickly you can answer correctly! Learn CivPro smarter not harder.  Available on iOS for your Apple devices and of course on Google Play too for you Androiders.