Prototyping law games

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I prototyped several possible ways to build a law game app. I did this in a low-fidelity way, by sketching out storyboards and game interfaces with pen and paper.

Law Dojo - Prototype1 v Prototype 2

Law Dojo - Prototype1

Law Dojo - Prototype2.1

Law Dojo - Prototype2.2

In Prototype 2, I have a selection of types of games rather than 1 type –a variety of interactions –you as the judge evaluating a text, you and a crossword, you and a timed Jeopardy quiz, you in a social trivial pursuit.

Each question is tagged back into an overall system map –to tell you how much law you’ve covered.

You have a dashboard that gives you a visual of the areas of law you could learn about, and how your quiz activity shows how well you know that area.

There are lessons to link back to, from the quiz or from the dashboard, about what the law is.

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