Come play the new Law Dojo online app

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We have rolled out an online, desktop version of Law Dojo. You can play all your favorite topics for free — though we don’t have all the features that are included in the mobile phone app, including stats, timer, levels, and choose-your-specific-topic within a subject area. All you need to do is visit Law Dojo, find the game you want … Read More

Big New Update!

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After taking the summer off, I have finally gotten back to the grand redesign of Law Dojo! It should be coming out to the App Store in the next week or so! Have a peek:

The Return of Phoenix Wright!

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One of the best Law Role Playing games is coming back with new storylines! Ace Attorney Law Game From the press release: HOLD IT! CAPCOM CONFIRMS DETAILS OF PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY- -DUAL DESTINIES RELEASE IN THE WEST Courtroom Hero Phoenix Wright Returns this Fall Press Release May 13, 2013 9:19am PDT (2 hours ago) SAN MATEO, Calif. — May 13, 2013 — … Read More

The Gold Rush: Mining the Law

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I have been trying to hunt down this law school-made game from the Chinese University of Hong Kong — which was made back in 2005 as a recruiting – preparatory – introduction tool for incoming law students.  They were high school students as target users rather than undergrads — but I am guessing the level would still be applicable to … Read More

Law Games, Law Simulations

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I found a great (though a little out of date….) bibliography on what is going on in legal academia about using tech to improve the teaching of law.  Here’s the citation, all laid out for future use, Bluebooked and all… Pearl Goldman, Legal Education and Technology II: An Annotated Bibliography (2008) 100 Law Libr. J. 415, 440-43 It gives a … Read More

Contracts Law Dojo: a law game for 1Ls

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Study Contracts law! Especially for first year law students — a great quiz to test your knowledge of the crucial definitions, concepts, common law, and cases! Law School Dojo Contracts is a multiple choice quiz on all the doctrine, cases, strategies and terms you need to know to get through your law school contract class. Over 415 questions to build … Read More

International Law study game

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An International Law Quiz, ooh la la! Learn all the international law you would in a law school class — the major ICJ cases, the set up of the UN, the theories on international legalization, and the American doctrine on how international law works with the US legal system — plus more. With over 300 questions, this is the perfect … Read More