Prototyping law games

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I prototyped several possible ways to build a law game app. I did this in a low-fidelity way, by sketching out storyboards and game interfaces with pen and paper. In Prototype 2, I have a selection of types of games rather than 1 type –a variety of interactions –you as the judge evaluating a text, you and a crossword, you … Read More

Presidential head concept design

MargaretConcept Art, Concepts & Plans

One of the possible new quizzes we’re thinking of building is a more civics-oriented quiz, about US history & the development of its legal system. From one of our brainstorming session, we had the idea of a presidential head character as one of the design elements. Here is the sketch!

New Game Interfaces

MargaretConcepts & Plans, Design Process

I am playing around with some beautiful new color & sharp interfaces, to go along with my cartoon characters. Here are some glimpses. I love the mix of clean & bright with hand-drawn characters!

Law Dojo Sketchbook Mashup

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For my latest release, I have become my own one-woman image-factory.  Here is a collage of all the images I’ve been producing on my iPad and computer in the run up to the new releases of April & May.  Lots of red and gold — my palate is clear 😀

Sketches in early May

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I’ve been post-it sketching with my huge Sharpie collection for the past month. Here is one before & after — I wanted to make a Face-Cutout poster, for my contestants to come play and have their picture taken as a Ninja Lawyer. Sketch >> Image. And a more random collection of sketches…

Notes on User Testing

MargaretConcepts & Plans

As I test more of my apps (and become less embarrassed and flustered while getting over my natural awkwardness), I am trying to be more systematic about gathering feedback.  I wrote up some notes on how to show an app and get good responses about a game app: Things to remember – Let the user start at the home screen, … Read More

Review Questions Interface for law study game

MargaretConcepts & Plans, Design Process

I am finally figuring out how to code the ‘review questions’ feature for the quiz — letting the user take a moment after finishing a round of the game to look over the questions she’s gotten right & wrong. But how to design this interface? I sketched it and started to lay it out in GameSalad….

Looking Past Beta… mapping out a better Law Dojo

MargaretConcepts & Plans

I am sketching out where to be moving: what the next stages for Law School Dojo apps should be.  I’m thinking to move towards a non-law student market — for people who are interested in law for their own personal use (knowing your rights regarding landlords, police, online privacy, neighbor disputes, etc….) and for their entertainment (watching Law & Order, … Read More