You slipped on a tomato, can you sue? A #1L Constructive Notice cartoon

MargaretDrawn Laws

Torts cartoon about slipping on a tomato

Another bizarre torts question, but of course this happens to someone. They slip on a tomato. They fall and get hurt. And they want to sue! The legal question at issue, as per Torts doctrine: did the person have ‘constructive notice’? If they did, then they shouldn’t be able to sue successfully for someone else to pay for their harm. … Read More

Torts #1L cartoon: who is liable if you lose a leg?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Oh the world of Torts, it is the most depressing and funny of the first semester law school classes. As in, let’s talk about losing one of your legs, and figuring just who exactly you can sue successfully to get some money to make up for your permanent loss of a limb. Here is my drawn flowchart, all about the … Read More

Famous #1L torts case cartoon: Petition of Kinsman Transit

MargaretDesign Process

Torts famous case drawing - Petition of Kinsman Transit

An old case, but a famous one — this one from an icy Buffalo river, where a boat broke loose, caused havoc, and resulted in a classic Torts case that every first year law student in America has to study. It is Petition of Kinsman Transit! A law cartoon I drew to try to make sense of the rather convoluted … Read More

Torts and Alcohol: a #1L flowchart for liability around alcohol

MargaretDrawn Laws

Straight from my first year law school sketchbook, this decision tree is all about whether you can be held liable for providing alcohol to others, who then go on to do something that harms another person. Is a bar liable, or a person holding a party liable, when a person drinks alcohol and then hurts someone? Follow the flowchart and … Read More

Battery vs. Assault legal cartoon for #1Ls in Torts

MargaretDrawn Laws

A bit of a violent law cartoon for today’s 1L legal visual post: this one about the difference between battery and assault, at least according to Tort law. I made this one while studying for the Bar, laying out the different intents and requirements to get one type of claim versus the other.

Torts cartoon for #1L: has your privacy been invaded?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Here we go: more 1L cartoons for studying law — this one all about what the elements of the tort of ‘invasion of privacy’ are. Is there intent? Was there a private zone that was intruded upon? Would it be offensive to a reasonable person? Want to learn more Torts for your 1L classes? Come play Law Dojo on your … Read More

Starting your legal tech startup: riding the Hype wave

MargaretGame Design Resources

When you are working on your startup, like we are with Law Dojo, how do you attract people, get a buildup of attention, and launch a guerrilla marketing campaign that actually works? The concept of hype holds some promise! I drew out these insights while listening to a lecture on game design at Stanford.

Law School of Cats

MargaretDesign Process

Law School of Cats

Okay, this one is not anything that is going to teach you legal knowledge. But! It is one of my 1L side-of-the-notebook sketches that I then superimposed on my *actual* law school classroom. Reimagining all my civ pro classmates as cats hard at work in the trudge of a law class. In honor of all the upcoming 1L classes that … Read More

Child Custody visual legal map

MargaretDrawn Laws, Visual Legal Flowcharts

Family law and child custody may not be the most popular thing to study in Law School, but it’s a hugely concerning and possibly destructive area of the legal system for a lot of people. This image shows a prototype of a visual booklet that lays out a flowchart schematic of how the custody process works.

Come play the new Law Dojo online app

MargaretLaw Games

We have rolled out an online, desktop version of Law Dojo. You can play all your favorite topics for free — though we don’t have all the features that are included in the mobile phone app, including stats, timer, levels, and choose-your-specific-topic within a subject area. All you need to do is visit Law Dojo, find the game you want … Read More

User-centered design to create new law games

MargaretDesign Process, Game Design Resources

I attended a Stanford workshop, sponsored by GameDesk, on creating new kinds of games. First we learned how young people today learn, absorb information, and use games to do so. Then we workshopped and brainstormed what kinds of new games we could create to teach young people complex information, like law and civics.   

Does the government actually have “probable cause” for a warrant?

MargaretDrawn Laws

And one final set of sketches from my Criminal Procedure notebook — this time about whether the government actually has a valid warrant, based on their claim of “probable cause”. These two pages are one long flowchart that set out the conditions for valid probable cause. Build more legal knowledge, and study up on your rights around the police and … Read More

Can you get a government search thrown out, even if you consented to it?

MargaretDrawn Laws

It’s the final countdown to this summer’s bar exam! Here’s one more flowchart from my Criminal Procedure sketchbook, this time about how to get things that the government found during a search (that you consented to) thrown out as evidence. Build more legal knowledge, and study up on your rights around the police and government agents: play Law Dojo — … Read More

Do you have a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Two sketches from criminal procedure — all about the nebulous concept on whether a person can legally expect privacy in a situation. The standard is ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ — and these cartoons start to explain what that means in specific contexts. Want to learn more about your privacy rights? Build more legal knowledge, and study up on your rights … Read More

Was it legal that the police stopped (and frisked) you? #barexam law cartoon

MargaretDrawn Laws

Some more criminal procedure notebook sketches — this time a short flowchart about whether it was legal that the police (or government agent) stopped you — and possibly frisked you. Here are the conditions that need to be met for stops-and-frisks to be legal under the Constitution (and case law that came from it). P.C. means ‘probable cause’ in my … Read More

Was it legal that the police arrested you?: a #barexam law cartoon

MargaretDrawn Laws

Another page from my law school sketchbook on Criminal Procedure and people’s rights regarding the police, this time on arrest. If the police arrest someone, is it legal? I have multiple references to P.C. — that means “Probable Cause” in my shorthand. The names in bubbles are legal cases that support the points laid out here. Learn more about your … Read More

Have the police truly ‘seized’ you? : #barexam cartoon

MargaretDrawn Laws

Day 3 of criminal procedure law drawings: this one on the question of whether the police have really ‘stopped’ or ‘seized you’ — versus a more voluntary encounter where you are not really under their custody and you can leave. The rules that apply are different depending on how the encounter is characterized. Want to learn more about your rights … Read More

Can the Police Search Your Belongings? crim pro #barexam cartoon

MargaretDrawn Laws

Another day, another sketch from my notebook on what a US resident’s rights are vis-a-vis government agents who are searching them. This one is about whether police/agents can search your things. Want more knowledge about your rights and criminal procedure? Play Law Dojo — available for your phone on Android or on iOS!

Criminal Procedure #barexam sketch: When Can the Police Come Into Your House?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Here’s a page from my Criminal Procedure notebook, with a quick rundown of the few conditions that can allow police to come into your house legally to ‘search’ it? Build more legal knowledge, and study up on your rights around the police and government agents: Play Law Dojo — available for your phone on Android or on iOS!

ConLaw #BarExam visual: When can you sue a state?

MargaretDrawn Laws

For today’s Bar Exam study visual, we have some Constitutional Law for you! Let’s say you’re a citizen and you think a state government has violated your rights. Can you sue them? Typically the 11th Amendment blocks such a suit, but there are some ways around it. Want to learn more Con Law for the Bar Exam? Play Law Dojo … Read More

Evidence Law drawing for #BarExam: character evidence

MargaretDrawn Laws

Happy Friday to all those studying for this month’s Bar Exam. We have a picture explaining Evidence Law principles around character evidence to help you as you cram for the MBE. And if you want to remember even more Evidence knowledge for the Bar Exam, play Law Dojo — available for your phone on Android or on iOS!

CivPro #BarExam visual: how can I get jurisdiction over a person?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Enjoy this Civil Procedure flowchart as you study up for the Bar Exam (or for your first year law school exam)! Figure out exactly whether and how you can get someone into court to hold them liable for a legal claim, according to the rules of civil procedure. And if you want to remember even more Civil Procedure knowledge for … Read More

Torts mnemonic for #BarExam: intentional infliction of emotional distress

MargaretDrawn Laws

Today, we turn from contracts to torts. Remember these basic factors for figuring out if there is possible liability for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Hopefully these visuals will stamp into your mind and help you answer those bar exam questions quickly and easily! Study even more Torts knowledge for the Bar Exam, play Law Dojo — available for your … Read More

Today’s #BarExam visual mnemonic: Statute of Frauds essentials

MargaretDrawn Laws

Another way to remember crucial the dreaded Statute of Frauds rules for the upcoming Bar Exam — just think of the mnemonic “My Legs” and let this picture help you remember all those key factors to be considering. And if you want to remember even more contracts knowledge for the Bar Exam, play Law Dojo contracts — available for your … Read More

Civ Pro #BarExam visual: what is Res Judicata again?

MargaretDrawn Laws

All the dreaded Latin that you have to remember for the Bar Exam (and for your Civil Procedure class) is a little bit easier when there are cartoons attached. Today’s Bar Exam visual is all about Res Judicata, about when a case is settled or when more claims can be raised to keep it alive. Remember these three main factors … Read More

#BarExam visual: flowchart on bringing in character evidence

MargaretDrawn Laws

Oof — for all those studying evidence for the bar exam, you know the pain of Character Evidence rules. Here’s a flowchart laying out the crucial things you need to know to tackle all those character evidence questions on the MBE and essay sections. Enjoy! And if you want to put your Evidence knowledge to the test for the Bar … Read More

#BarExam visual: is a contract breach material or not?

MargaretDrawn Laws

Hello, hard-working bar-studiers! Here is a small cartoon to help you remember your core contracts knowledge. And if you want to jam your brain full of even more contracts knowledge, play Law Dojo contracts — available for your phone on Android or on iOS!

Fresh designs for Law Dojo: tell us what you think

MargaretDesign Process

Our Law Dojo team has been hard at work creating a totally new version of the app, that’s easier to use, with cleaner design and more features. Here are some of the new designs for you to check out — and download a first new release of this updated app on Android! What do you think about our new colors, … Read More

Prototyping law games

MargaretConcept Art, Concepts & Plans

I prototyped several possible ways to build a law game app. I did this in a low-fidelity way, by sketching out storyboards and game interfaces with pen and paper. In Prototype 2, I have a selection of types of games rather than 1 type –a variety of interactions –you as the judge evaluating a text, you and a crossword, you … Read More

Presidential head concept design

MargaretConcept Art, Concepts & Plans

One of the possible new quizzes we’re thinking of building is a more civics-oriented quiz, about US history & the development of its legal system. From one of our brainstorming session, we had the idea of a presidential head character as one of the design elements. Here is the sketch!

Quick notes on start-up life

MargaretStartup thoughts

Some post-it questions, from a class on start-ups that I attended. Each of these questions should be floating around as you’re building your business.

Big New Update!

MargaretLaw Games

After taking the summer off, I have finally gotten back to the grand redesign of Law Dojo! It should be coming out to the App Store in the next week or so! Have a peek:

Starting up your legal tech startup: Google Ventures at Stanford

MargaretStartup thoughts

Fear Small Succes

Here is an old page from my sketchbook, while I was still a law student at Stanford, of notes about starting a legal tech startup, with advice from some partners of Google Ventures, all the way back in 2013. It’s aimed specifically at law students and lawyers, with their notorious risk aversion.

New Game Interfaces

MargaretConcepts & Plans, Design Process

I am playing around with some beautiful new color & sharp interfaces, to go along with my cartoon characters. Here are some glimpses. I love the mix of clean & bright with hand-drawn characters!

Law Memes

MargaretDesign Process

I have been playing around with Learned Hand pictures — eyebrows, growls, and more eyebrows — and would love to see the Internet take on a Learned Hand meme. [space] Anyone else want to try?  Generate one here! I will post others’ submissions on this thread.  Ones that make me laugh will win free apps!

The Return of Phoenix Wright!

MargaretLaw Games

One of the best Law Role Playing games is coming back with new storylines! Ace Attorney Law Game From the press release: HOLD IT! CAPCOM CONFIRMS DETAILS OF PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY- -DUAL DESTINIES RELEASE IN THE WEST Courtroom Hero Phoenix Wright Returns this Fall Press Release May 13, 2013 9:19am PDT (2 hours ago) SAN MATEO, Calif. — May 13, 2013 — … Read More

Law Dojo Sketchbook Mashup

MargaretConcepts & Plans, Design Process, Law Drawings

For my latest release, I have become my own one-woman image-factory.  Here is a collage of all the images I’ve been producing on my iPad and computer in the run up to the new releases of April & May.  Lots of red and gold — my palate is clear 😀

The user, a sketch


A quick sketch of the fictional user, and what she is thinking of when it comes to buying or not buying a new product.

Sketches in early May

MargaretConcepts & Plans, Promo Images

I’ve been post-it sketching with my huge Sharpie collection for the past month. Here is one before & after — I wanted to make a Face-Cutout poster, for my contestants to come play and have their picture taken as a Ninja Lawyer. Sketch >> Image. And a more random collection of sketches…

Lawyer Ninja Face Cut-out

MargaretPromo Images

Here’s a Super Lawyer Ninja face cut out image I made for the Beta Trade Show yesterday at Stanford’s Those lucky & intelligent contestants who scored over 1200 points on one of the Law School Dojo games won a picture with it!