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A family of legal game apps for law students & legal aficionados to learn all kinds of law in quick, delightful ways.

You can play Law Dojo on Google Play for Android Users and on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users. 

Plus, come play a free, limited version of Law Dojo online.

Try out the game, practice questions — and if you like it, get the full version on your mobile device.


Law-Smart from high school, to law school, and beyond

Law Dojo is rich with statistics, levels, and visuals. It features a range of law games, to go from beginners to experts. Get Law Dojo on Android, and on  iOS.

For all those people who are considering law school — or just want to know some law, start with Driving Law, LSAT prep, Law School Bootcamp, and Know Your Rights.

Then, when you show up at law school, be on top of your 1L studies with Torts, Crim, Contracts, and more. Continue on with Constitutional Law, Real Property, International Law, Evidence, and MPRE Ethics. You can even use the games to review for your Bar Exam study.

The game is for anyone who is considering going to law school, who is currently studying there, or just wanting to be smarter about law.

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We are designing new law games!

Over the past year, We have been overhauling the design & feel of the app — taking it from a scrappy homemade first app into a beautiful, professional experience.

Law Dojo began as a side project for Margaret Hagan, when she was a 2L at Stanford Law School. She was tired of studying in heavy, boring ways. She learned how to code and wrote thousands of questions while she was studying for classes, so that she could play multiple choice games to prep for her exams. Then she put it out in the world as Law Dojo — and life was good!

The app worked (minus a few bugs), but now we’ve been making it more beautiful, more stats-rich, and with quicker and funner games. We hope you like it!

Come check it out on Google Play if you have an Android device — and on iOS if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Thank you for your patience while we make big changes!

Making Law Dojo design process

Margaret Hagan - Law Dojo

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