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A family of legal game apps for law students & legal aficionados to learn all kinds of law in quick, delightful ways.

The totally redesigned new version is just out on Google Play for Android Users.

And it is available on iOS — with an updated version coming soon!


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Check out the new Law Dojo that is rich with new statistics, levels, and visuals. It’s just released on Android, and on  iOS. Do you have any other ideas for what kind of law games or study tools you want? Let us know and we’ll try to build it!

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We’ve been redesigning!

We have been overhauling the design & feel of the app — taking it from a scrappy homemade first app into a beautiful, professional experience. Come check it out on Google Play if you have an Android device — and it’s coming soon (July 2016) for iOS. Thank you for your patience while we make big changes!


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